Problems playing the Woofcast

Is this you? Every time you try to play the woofcast, your iPod crashes?

Are you using a 5G iPod? Just upgraded to v 7.0 iTunes? Windows or Mac?

You, my friends, are not alone.

This is something we have been trying to fix for the last week or so, and every time we try something else, it still doesn’t work. Updating iTunes to v7.01 is supposed to do the trick, but Todd says he tried that and the woofcast still crashes it.

While we try to find a fix, Todd will be encoding the shows differently. Hopefully that will stop it from happening.

Also, Richard has some good tips if you are using a Nano. The updated firmware (v1.3) was just released today and hopefully that will correct some of the volume issues.

7 replies on “Problems playing the Woofcast”

  1. three words: iRiver dot com. iRiver is still one word, right?

    i’m using my sandisk sansa e260 with no worries. sure it only works with winXP and there are no accessories for it but at least i can avoid iTunes. i’m still a stubborn iPod convert.

  2. Of course the other option (at least until a fix is available) is to just turn off your Ipod’s Equalizer function when listening to mono-podcasts. That worked fine for me!

    Yep, it’s a pain in the A$$, and I hate having to jump through that hoop, but it gets you on down the road (listening to WRR all the way!).


  3. On one hand this is good news, on the other hand it isn’t. It all depends on how you look at it I guess.

    This problem isn’t a WRR problem, but appears to be an iTunes 7 issue.

    There have been LOTS of podcasts with listeners reporting the same issues. During off the Equalizer seems to be helping, but obviously it’s not a great fix.

    I know CNet’s Buzz Out Loud has been grappling with this issue since iTunes 7 was released…

  4. Hi all, updated my nano with 1.3 – hiccups appear to have gone (phew) meaning I can go back to no EQ setting. However, with shuffle turned on it sill refuses to go the next podcast when they are grouped in a playlist 🙁 Oh well, at least the most annoying one is fixed. On the side – anyone got a new RED nano, how far off chilli-red is it?? 🙂

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