Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #21


I’ve had this one on deck for far too long. Sorry Robert!

While Robert was getting work done on his MINI, they gave him a Chevy HHR to drive. Joining him this time is his wife and co-host from the Mobile Movie Minute, Cindy. I could write more, but really, just listen.

For those of you that received the Spark Plug episode, all apologies. Robert already chastized me for that.

Don’t forget to check out Robert’s other podcasts! Business Cast with him and Reader Guy offering tips to business. And, the now also World Famous Mobile Movie Minute with his lovely wife. They see movies and review them in his MINI!

Download | 8:01 | 7.3MB

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  1. you might have gotten my ‘mistake’ earlier. I uploaded the wrong show. That one we did play at the end of a woofcast I think.

    This is all new!

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