Something A Little Different

Amidst all the WRR server issues, and db’s dedication to getting us back to normal(!), I thought you might enjoy a little MINIart.

This weekend is the Canada Day long weekend (our national 2/4 Beerfest). Enjoy these typical Canadian winter scenes!

And Happy Birthday, Canada. (Oh, Stanley, what are you doing in Carolina??).





6 replies on “Something A Little Different”

  1. Pretty sneeky Robert, reversing the colours (CDN spelling) of Sharona to keep the Liquid Yellow haters quiet.


  2. Yeah, Jack. What’s with those guys anyway? We’ve both made it to the newspapers with our LY MINIs – clearly it’s the colour to beat!

    (FYI – I am quite happy with my AB/S, but I look fondly whenever I see a LY on the streets).

    How’s SMILEY?


  3. What’s with all that white stuff? It’s over 100 degrees here in SoCal (that’s about 38 to you metrically inclined). Is it supposed to make me feel cooler or glad that I don’t get winters like that? 😉

  4. Smileee is fine 66,000 miles and counting.
    When are you going to come out and show off that new MINI?


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