Time to Celebrate!

A quick look at the calendar is showing me some very interesting things. First, WRR turns **4 years old** August 1st. For kicks, you should go back and listen to Woofcast 1.

Secondly, we are going to be recording Woofcast **300** just weeks from our birthday! So, lets make a big deal out of it.

We let our schedules get ahead of ourselves this week (again) but that is giving us a bit more time to make sure we are ready for Woof 300 next week, that we will be recording **live** starting at 7:00pm Pacific (do the math for your time zone). So, mark those calendars now!

Want to help add something to our 300th? Call into the Voicemail line at 206-202-3252 before next Wednesday, July 22nd, and we will probably get it into the show.

**Event Details**

  • What: White Roof Radio LIVE!
  • Date: Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
  • Time: 7:00PM Pacific (9 Central, 10 Eastern)
  • Where: Right here at Whiteroofradio.com!

Looking forward to hanging out with all of you next week!

3 replies on “Time to Celebrate!”

  1. db,

    FYI – In the Time to Celebrate article you have the Voicemail number listed as 202-206-3252. The WRR site lists it as 206-202-3252.

    Congrats on show 300!


  2. So you need someone from Denver…just let me know when you want me on this week and I will join in….of course, then comes an unabashed promo for MITM4. This is our last week for registration…..due by July 26th…..

    Jonathan Souza

  3. Great! A live show on my day off! (Now I just have to wake my lazy butt up @ 4 am, lol)

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