3 replies on “Woof 114”

  1. geez, listen to todd badmouth the GP on woof20. ye of little faith! too funny. now i have to find the show where todd changes his mind and announces he’s buying a GP…with ugly red mirror caps and “weak” 4-spokes.

  2. Just goes to show – first impressions are not always lasting impressions. It is funny to see/hear what I thought a year ago and how different I feel today. I’ve done a total 180 on the wheels and red mirror caps in addition to the total look of the car. The GP is one MINI that really does look better in person. I still like the looks of my 2003 Chili Red with UJ roof a little better but I’m glad I have both MINIs.

  3. yeah, well both of your cars do kick ass, i would say. i just remember the first time i saw that GP image pop up on miniusa.com, i thought it looked amazing. i should have ordered it right then.

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