Woofcast #107

captains_cane.jpgA shorty for you tonight. Todd and I talk again about the Wikipedia page, the time change that db just couldn’t get right and more problems with talking on a Saturday afternoon.

Plus Todd drools more over the new Alcantara componets he has picked up for his GP and db throws down a good rant or two. Good times, good times. Plus, you can keep an eye for the John Cooper Garages website to re-open this week.

Next time you are at the Owners Lounge at MINIUSA.com, you will see they are asking for stories from you, the MINI owner, for inclusion in the new miniusa.com. So, give them your story, but we would really like it if you could mention us over at White Roof Radio. Just a little mention would be cool and the ultimate way for you spread the word!

106 is uploading now. If you were one that had trouble downloading it Sunday or Monday, please try again. If you continue to have trouble, please let us know in the comments below.

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11 replies on “Woofcast #107”

  1. Ahhhh, gents. FYI, Indiana changed over to daylight savings time effective with this time change. For the record, we Hoosiers are not happy about it either. DST is an antiquated concept. Booooooo Governor Daniels. Rant over.

    Incidentally, here in Afghanistan we don’t change time either and they are on a half hour time zone. Who knew they even existed. That’s EST+9.5hrs for those curious.

  2. Todd, if you don’t want to run those s-lites. Check out the thread “Larger wheel bolts” in the tire/wheel section on NAM. AprilWhine is running v-spokes on a GP.

  3. Glad you’re going all Alcantara all the time, Todd. 🙂 Has anyone seen leather shift and e-brake boots that match the Panther Black leather used on the seats? I’ve seen other leather replacements, but they’re never the same color and texture as the seats, and I think that’d look weird. I’m planning on putting the all-leather JCW wheel on my new MINI and would like to do matching shift and e-brake boots. I considered the Alcantara, but I’ve got this nasty habit of spilling coffee into the shift boot and I don’t think the Alcantara would hold up to that too well. 🙁

  4. Yea, iTunes has been doing some weird stuff lately. But you did exactly what I would have recommended, delete and re-subscribe.

    Glad it worked out!

  5. > Has anyone seen leather shift and e-brake boots that match the Panther Black leather used on the seats?

    When in doubt, look at the accessories catalog, right? I was looking on newministuff.com but didn’t see anything. I picked up the latest you-ification catalog this morning and see the panther leather e-brake and shifter boots at fairly reasonable prices ($120 for both, maybe?).

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