Woofcast #12

Mid week shorty…

-New schedule
-db actually let Todd talk this time!
-Remember, we missed happy hour for this
-MINI Concept, or what we think of it anyway
-Swag is really on the way!
MINI Concept in detail
Concept art
More Concept pictures

Todd did the hard part

Woofcast 12:

Download || Firewall proofed

Todd left the link in the comments, but the DiD colored concept MINI’s can also be found here

3 replies on “Woofcast #12”

  1. Awesome show as always guys!

    Could you guys link over to the colorized MINI Concept pics that Todd was talking about over on NAM? I haven’t been able to find them.

    And btw, in one of the two 80-page press-release documents for the MINI Concept Frankfurt, they talk about the “floating” seats being actually anchored to the center console – so apparently they’ve got some sort of beefy load-bearing structure under the center console with beams that come out from the center to support the seats. Probably won’t make it to production, but the effect is sweet!

  2. I hate to break the news to Todd, but the Scion XB, which *I* drive and love daily, will be going no where anytime soon, MINI wagon or not.

    A woman’s got to draw the line somewhere.

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