Woofcast #129

A short one for you tonight. We do a bit of rumor squashing, some updates to MINI stuff around the web and some basic rambling on and on about whatever we can think of.

Looking for pictures or a way to show your pictures off? Check out Flickr, or if you are a member there already, be sure to check out the MF Flickr Group.

Delicious? Actually it’s del.icio.us which is a social bookmarking site. You can check out db’s here.

Keep a watch out for Brad Day’s upcoming audio review of the Zune. I would expect to have that ready by the middle of February.

If you are a fan of Robert in Toronto’s work, he has started his own podcast! He goes to a lot of movies with his wife, so they are reviewing them in his MINI! You can check it out over at his site or here at iTunes.

And, if you are looking for some great info on Cruising, be sure to check out My Cruise Planner, run by Michael and Patricia Babishkin. They have a great podcast too! You can find them at iTunes here.

Finally, this just in, but we will have Phil Wicks from the NAMCC on next week! Should be great.

Woofcast #129:

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7 replies on “Woofcast #129”

  1. i got the zune from one of the guys on the strip who was also handing out the stripper cards.

    it’s so brown! \m/

    more info in a week or so…


  2. Thanks for the mention of my in-MINI Review Podcast, db. Much appreciated. It’s a hoot, and I can’t wait until we find a flick that we really disagree about!

    I’m trying to add ‘production values’ and I think you’ll see that our second is better than the first. And – I’ve upgraded the recording equipment, so the sound should be much improved.

    But, not to worry. You’ll still be getting plenty of me, my MIINI and my guinea pig passengers on the streets of Toronto!

    See ya on the flip side!


  3. ahahahaa…only one driver per package! that’s great!

    although the M$ package would cost a lot more than $2700…or is that just the ‘home’ version?


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