Woofcast #133

It’s the Gabe Bridger show. First, he wants to make sure all y’all know who we are, then he talked about his time in the R56.

Don’t worry, db does wear pants while podcasting. Really. No, really, I do! I swear.

Don’t forget to check out all of the R56 coverage over at Motoringfile, including another audio review that will be going up on Tuesday.

Woofcast #133:

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4 replies on “Woofcast #133”

  1. After listening to the R56 review, I have a suggested addition to the drinking game:

    Take a drink every time the word “phenomenal” or “fantastic” is used.

    Great job on describing the R56 so thoroughly, Gabe, I can’t wait to check it out in person. Just found out a couple of R56’s arrived here at our dealership yesterday, so I’ll get to see them in the flesh hopefully sometime today.

  2. After listening to this episode, I’m convinced that Gabe had an extra helping of the Kool Aid. He sounds like a MINI marketing person. Next thing you know and he’ll be wearing as ascot and smoking a pipe.

  3. Apparently I have because I really was surprised at how much I liked the car. There’s something visceral missing but for all that is gained, there’s little question the R56 is a success.

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