Woofcast #134

180px-the_great_johnny_cash.jpgGabe’s sick, db’s is still going on about a TRD Camry (that doesn’t exist) and Todd is telling us about jet fuel being used in NASCAR. Oh yea, before I forget, Todd actually posted to his blog!

Motoringbadges is now the official badge supplier of NAM. Be sure to check out the NAM specific designs.

Really, we aren’t pirates, but db does have a face for podcasting.

More additions to the drinking game coming soon. Won’t that just be fantastic!

Plus news of the week. Yes, that was db that thinks the JCW car shouldn’t come with the automatic transmission. Target those comments accordingly. Oh yea, db will be picking 1 or 2 random comments per month and throwing down free swag. You can’t win if you don’t play!

If you are going to AMVIV, leave us a message below to let us know! And, if you haven’t already, now would be a great time to add yourself to the WRR Frappr Map. Try saying that 3 times fast, its fun!

Woofcast #134:

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17 replies on “Woofcast #134”

  1. Good show guys. Still waiting to hear about that “thing” you contacted me about… πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait till the end of march!


  2. >Ò€œBurning Ring Of FireÒ€ is not as bad at the gas station as it is where I heard it once: In the waiting room of the Proctologist!

    :O oh my!

  3. The information to set the personal profile options like locking, daytime running lights, etc is in the UK manual on page 16 and others. Should be in ours too or we can cheat.

  4. NASCAR aside, it’s worth noting that jet fuel is basically just refined kerosine – not really super exotic stuff. Although now I’m curious just what kerosine would do inside a piston engine. I’m sure somebody has to have tried it. The mixture would be all off, I’m sure of that. But catastrophic explosion seems doubtful to me. Might make a good episode of Mythbusters though.

  5. The guys at Autoblog seemed to think it was some kind of illegal lubricant rather than rocket fuel.


  6. i own one of those too, newdl.

    if nascar was more like the V8 supercars in australia, then i’d watch it. or if, like db said, you had to run a REAL stock car. sticky tires, fuel cell and a roll cage…that’s it. those nascar boys wouldn’t look half as tough rolling around the track in a beige fusion.

  7. Wife and I drove 07 Cooper & CooperS last saturday. We do not like the hood scoop either. If we get an S we would look for a Cooper standard in our color and offer to swap. πŸ™‚ aj

  8. So if you use jet fuel in your Cooper and the head blows through the bonnet does that then become a funtional or non-funtional hood scoop?

  9. Just listened to most of this podcast and wanted to specifically comment and say that you guys do a fantomenal job! πŸ˜‰

  10. Todd,
    If you get the drilled (or dimpled) and slotted rotors, you need to get higher coefficient of friction brake pads to compensate for the reduction in swept area. If a car comes with them stock, they’ve obviously already made that calculation.

    But seriously dude, blue bulbs… drilled rotors just for the looks… I’m starting to worry about you..!! πŸ˜‰

  11. Hey Gav – my GP headlights are still proudly a dim yellow color and as far as the brake discs go, a little bling never hurt anyone. At least they’re a JCW brand part and the only reason they didn’t come on the GP to begin with is they were still in development. πŸ˜‰

  12. OK then, if you’re sure they’re meant to be used with those pads. We don’t want to hear db and Gabe in a future show telling us you wrecked your GP because the brakes weren’t good..!

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