Woofcast #137

Robert’s back to help us out 1 more night. Don’t forget to check out his new shows at mobilemovie.podshow.com and businesscast.ca. Great shows the both!

We go a little all over the place tonight. More Canadian stuff, Robert talks about being disappointed at the Toronto Auto Show and Todd still doesn’t like the R56. Yet.

Another reminder that we will be putting up best of shows next week. Just a short break before AMVIV.

Woofcast #137:

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9 replies on “Woofcast #137”

  1. I disagree with Todd. Perhaps I brainwashed myself, but I regected the original MINI for it’s cheap looking interior and feel the R56 improved quite a bit in design and materials. Not as nice as it should or could be but OK. I find myself liking the design more and more.

    Headliner does feel cheap.

  2. Nice show guys. Put me in the Robert Fan Club, he should be the go-to-guy for WRR seat-filling.

    “Cop Tease” – I Love It!


  3. C’mon Todd… you know you like it. It’s OK. You don’t have to be the one hold-out on the show (though it does make things more interesing).

    Oh, and you cut Robert off when he was trying to explain… I think he was suggesting a revised ram-air system using the blocked-off hood scoop. NOT re-routing or improving on the little funnel under the grille. Somthing like I predict you might see on the JCW Stage I kit due out later this year (ram air, exhaust & ECU).

    Otherwise, terrific show (as usual).

  4. Thanks for mentioning me on WRR! You guys rock! And Robert… Sadly, I won’t be making AMVIV this year, due to my intense flying schedule. I’m back from the Middle East and started flying a new jet these last few months. Next year, I should be at AMVIV.

    The show was good, better than the first one.

    P.S. I dig the Canadian stuff. Although I was born in Ottawa, I’m 100% Texan. That would explain why I like hockey so much.

  5. Nozz: How can you be 100% Texan if you were born in Ottawa? Somehow that doesn’t compute!

    What are you flying these days? (And no, we won’t call you a Snowbird!)


  6. By God’s grace, I am 100% Texan, thankyouverymuch. What am I flying? Well, I’ve transitioned from the mighty F-16C to the classic T-37. I’m teaching basic flight training to new student pilots. I’ll transition to the USAF’s new basic trainer, the T-6 Texan II in 2008. So, the view’s still good from my office, and my MINI JCW!

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