Woofcast #158

incredibles.jpgBefore I even start, just a quick note to the affliates we do go long tonight. I trimmed about 7.5 minutes out. Watch for an out-take show later in the week.

So, more talk about MINI United. I have my passport and ticket just like everyone else, so we must be good to go.

Then we spent some time talking about Gabe’s R56 spec. And just a lot of things in general. We think you’ll enjoy the show!

Coming up later this week is the Treo 750 Review that I did with Michael Babishkin. If you are thinking about getting this phone or are just interested, be sure to check back for that. And, like I mentioned earlier, watch for an out-take show as well. We got off on a movie tangent (easy there Robert) and the possibility of Gabe being a tatoo artist.

Woofcast #158:

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  1. I would be interested in watching something of live stream vids of WRR at MINI United. Should be good/interesting

  2. I’m with you on the tall R56s baby – in your face spring boys! We got some rally suspension travel going now!

  3. M$ haters! you know you’re lovin’ the brown, gabe.

    I’ve always loved brown. But it’s all fairly ironic since (as of last Friday) I now work for Microsoft.

  4. yeah, a live vid stream would be way cool. but is it only for the mac capable?

    so will your new employer be handing out free zunes then gabe? they sell fairly well on ebay…

  5. HEY! THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT!!! FBBAY (Fist Bump Back At Ya).

    Of course I’m a big supporter of the MotoringBadges. IMO, it’s a brilliant idea with great potential. They are, by far, one of the best cosmetic mods you can do for your MINI. How can I not support you guys?

    The same goes for WWR and MF, which are the cornerstones of the MINI community and a big part of my daily motoring lifestyle.

    ALSO, If I’m ever in Chicago, I’ll take you up on your offer, signed and all.


    Richard (aka Dick)

  6. Done and done! And next time in Dallas for biz – I’ll bring my sharpie and let you know 😉

    And then I’ll give you a replacement badge after I ruin it with my signature 😉

  7. 52000? Not even close. Try 39000.

    The cool thing was that I didn’t even have to push the service people at Rasmussen about it. I think they key was that I mentioned that I thought things were going bad each time I took the car in over the last three years.

  8. Sounds like a nice configuration, Gabe. The R56 still isn’t my cup of tea, only driven about half an hour, but it is still a good continuation of the current MINI.

    My 06 MCS is AB/AB with Piano dash. It goes together very nicely. Though I put my white on the outside with white mirror caps and stripe.

    BTW, AB is actually British Racing Black since it’s not a true black. 😉

    Have fun on the trip guys. 🙂

  9. >The video would be anyone cabable. Flash players are awesome like that.

    Oh, God, please no! Flash video makes Baby Jesus cry, and me want to claw my eyes out. If the quality were any worse, it’d be indistinguishable from watching a C64 cursor pan across the screen.

  10. well, the very last thing I want to do, really, is make the baby Jesus cry. That sounds all bad.

    I’ll put a tester so y’all can check it out. It’s not that bad. Really, it’s not. Check it out

  11. Yea come on guys, havn’t you seen Justin.tv? Now THAT makes baby jesus cry!


  12. I like the quality of Flash video. Wasn’t Hammer and Coop posted in FLV?

    Gabe, if you forget, I’ll have sharpies too. 😉 Heck, I might even have my old mirror caps. LOL!

  13. No matter what you and I think of flash player quality they are the defacto standard in web video and will be for quite some time. The key is usability and accessability – both essential for reaching a wide audience when it comes to something singularly focused as video.

    An it can be done right (and has been) in regards to quality. Over the next few years (and sooner on some sites) you’ll see the quality start t increase noticably.

  14. I am hoping YouTube will be one of those sites to adopt this newer technology soon. Their quality is atrocious.

  15. The video would be anyone cabable. Flash players are awesome like that.

    cool. i just heard something about an iCam and assumed it was an apple only thing. werd.

  16. Hey guys, while you’re in London, if you’re up for a **Theatre Experience**, check out the Half Price ticket booth in Leicester Square. Get there about 10 am for best selection.
    Also, it’s said that if you sit in Trafalgar Square for 30 minutes, you’ll meet someone you know! Might be worth the time…

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