Woofcast #159

News of the week from Motoringfile.com with db and Gabe. Todd was busy with house stuff this week, so we let him have the night off.

For those of you that missed it, we did broadcast the show live via ustream.tv with both audio and video! It was actually so cool that we will be doing that again this week. Check back on Thursday between 6:30PM PST and 8:30PM PST. The video is quite good and so is the audio. In fact, if you only wanted to listen live this is the best option I have come across yet. We’ll be able to answer your questions live as well. So check back!

And, yes, I am well of aware of any weird audio quality issues that you might be wanting to mention below. I had more than a little difficulty with my recording setup. I have paid proper homage to the audio recording gods (and ran through some testing with my setup again) to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, I hope.

Woofcast #159:

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  1. I missed the show this last thursday, but I will be sure to check it out this week. I am guessing you will post directions on the main page?

  2. Thursday was fun, great to see some of the interaction between you guys before and during the show. This deffinetly has good potential. I did notice that when the audio version of the Sunday show came out that the audio needed a little balancing, DB you are very quite and while Gabe is very loud. Nothing major jsut thought I would let you know.

  3. Thanks Jon!

    We all know that Todd is the master producer, that’s why he wears the hat! My hat is still pretty loose, when I can find it. I am getting better and should have everything hammered out for the shows next week.

  4. Sorry to say, I couldn’t listen to this episode. The sound level difference between Gabe and DB meant I either was deafened every time Gabe spoke, or I couldn’t hear DB at all over the sound of the engine/road/etc in GPMINI.

    Normally sound balance is better than this. Any reason?

  5. >Sorry to say, I couldn’t listen to this episode.

    I had a very hard listening myself. With Todd’s help, everything will be ok for the next shows. And, I’ve sent some new equipment for Gabe that should help his audio as well, especially during the live show this coming Thursday.

  6. My SA advised me to try 89 octane to correct an issue with the throttle. Though it did become less noticeable it was still there. Along with the new poor gas mileage and goofed up idle just after starting the car.

    I’ve switched back to 93 and everything is back to normal. Including the irritating throttle issue. Anyone know a good ECU tuner in the south? 😉

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