Woofcast #164

07aero1.jpgAudio problems fixed and we do a Monday show with db hatin’ on the iphone, Gabe hatin’ on the R56 Aero kit and all of us hatin’ on the haters.

Tune in later this week for our final interview with Shawn Ticehurst with the final bit of details about MINI United. Not sure if we are going a show this week, but we’ll be doing a LOT next week to keep you satisfied! Good chance I’ll be doing an event show with the Babischkin’s as we like to do. Watch for that, if we do it, before the end of the week.

MINI United in a week! Here are the links you are going to want to watch if you aren’t going.

Woofcast #164:

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  1. What happen to the last 15 minutes of show it stoped around 31 minutes? Not sure hopefully it will be fine once it comes through to iTunes.

  2. Well I think the design reason for the arches on the Hyper aero kit is because of the default places the skirts end on the normal car. If you look at the ending points of the arches on the normal car you can see that the reason the aero kit cuts where it does because of the original design. Still think it looks tacky but that just my view.

    As for calling other names, would have hoped most of people out there gave this up in grade school. Still doesn’t mean I love the Clubman and deffinetly hate the concept of the Mini SUV, still doesn’t mean I would call somebody else names over it.

  3. The R53/R56 debates have gotten old as so have some of the review/comparisons lately. It’s getting to be more of a mine is better because of so and so. There’s no need in speaking bad of one just because you may like the aspect of other better. Both are great cars. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder, db. I gotta change the bag in the vacuum. 🙂

  4. db, you are right on about the iPhone! I take very good care of my phone but because I have it on me all day, every day it starts to get beat up after several months. I’ve never dropped my phone but if and when I do, I’d rather it not be a $600 phone. Typical cellphones take such a beating that I think the best way to go is to have a normal, cheap cellphone and then wait for the next generation iPod which will basically be an iPhone without the ability to make calls.

    While the iPhone is an amazing device with some exciting technology, it’s not worth the $500-600 that all those suckers are going to go lay down for it. Yes, the iPhone will still be a huge success but I know that there will be a ton of people, especially here on the east coast that won’t be giving up their Verizon service anytime soon, so I think Apple has severely handicapped the iPhone by only going with AT&T.

  5. I dislike the aero kit as well, but haven’t seen it in person.

    I’m with you DB on the iPhone. For me, as cool as it is, it’s too much money (for the phone and service). However, when that technology hits the next generation iPod, I’ll be all over it.

    Plus, if I plug it into my MINI for music, I’m assuming I won’t be able to use the phone option.

    That being said, IF they would offer it up at a huge discount, I would probably get one.

  6. Just saw the pic on the show notes. I looks better on the S with the black upper grill. I’m still not happy with it.

    BTW, I think the JCW Aero kit looks good.

  7. Are there any more pics of the aero kit? From the one picture, I still don’t think it looks good.

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