Woofcast #168

ClubmanWho knew that Gabe could snap like Bozo the Clown? Once that was discovered, Gabe chatted a bit about the upcoming 1 Series (who knew it would be so heavy?) Then we spent some time talking about Porches (who knew the 914 was so small?) which then turned us a little bit toward Volkswagon (who knew the Thing was so cool?).

Then, a bit of listener feedback. Voicemails from MINI United (who knew db could not really remember the girls in the windows?) and 1 from Ian about automatic transmissions (who knew we could still be talking about this?).

We finish talking about the Clubman and would be very interested in your opinion! Leave a comment below Clubman MC vs. Clubman MCS (we already know that we won’t get the diesel Clubman in the States).

Woofcast #168:

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5 replies on “Woofcast #168”

  1. db,

    If you are an El Camino fan, you should be leading the charge for the obvious next model to follow the Clubman…a MINI Pickup! That would be very Camino-esque, plus it would be in keeping with classic Mini heritage just like the Clubman, so why not?

    and another thing…when people say that a MINI SUV would be a bad thing and not in the spirit of MINI, they must be forgetting the Moke. If the Moke wasn’t an SUV-like vehicle what was it?


  2. Good shows for the past two weeks. MINI United contributed to worthwhile MINI news. I especially liked the interview with Mike Cooper. It’s going to be hard to top this MINI Motoring experience.

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