Woofcast 176.5

This is what happens when Skype doesn’t work. As cool as it might sound, no I wasn’t calling from Skylab. Yes, skylab is sitting at the bottom of an ocean or something. No, I wasn’t there either. And yes, we tried iChat, it sounded like listening to AM radio through a bad cell phone connection. So really, not much better than this half show.

Anyway, just something a little different for y’all. Enjoy!

Woofcast #176.5:

Download | A few minutes | Not very big

4 replies on “Woofcast 176.5”

  1. Hopefully Skype will be up and running at 100% very soon, if it is not now. I’m back up and I know they have been throwing everything they have at it for the last day or two. It’s been crazy.

  2. Not related to this particular podcast.. but how about some badges/stickers that we can put on our other cars – Something like “My other car is a MINI” etc.

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