Woofcast #18

Part 1 of Todd & Gabe Interviewing Phil Wicks

-News of the week from Motoringfile, include Gabe & Todd’s take on the ‘green’ MINI.
-Interview with Phil Wicks, part 1

Not being this there time around, the interview is VERY interesting. Big thanks from db to Todd and Gabe for doing such an awesome job with it!

As some of you have been requesting both here and on some of the boards (oh yea, we read almost all of those posts), this show is almost 1 hour long!

Stayed tuned for Part 2 of the Phil Wicks interview next week!

Todd did the hard part
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11 replies on “Woofcast #18”

  1. I’d love to read the “Mac Essay” directed at db you guys were talking about. I had a friend of mine call me last night from Best Buy wanting to know what laptop to buy, but once I heard what she was looking at and what she wanted to use the computer for, I quickly steered her away from the PC econo-crap she was looking at. Now she’s coming later this week to look at my Powerbook and get a feel for the Mac – she’ll probably wind up with an iBook and for her sake, I hope so. It amazes me what PC users are willing to put up with. I’d wager that if every home computer user out there used a Mac for 3 weeks, a large majority would never go back.

  2. I’ll get segments of that email posted up later today. As far as transcipt of the show…anyone willing to volunteer to do that for us? 🙂

  3. I love the hour show. What I dislike is waiting 7 days for it! Great Show guys, I am totally hooked and telling everyone about it.

  4. I LOVE the hour long shows… whiteroofradio is now my favorite commuting company, and with 30 mins each way, I only get to listen one day a week =(
    Thanks for the Phil Wicks interview! Beg him to come to Phoenix for me PLEASE!!

  5. What was that crack about folks from Indianapolis, Indiana not appreciating the design of the “green MINI”? I resemble that comment! 😉 If “not appreciating” that … *thing* … means that I have some semblance of taste, then I’ll let the comment stand! 🙂

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