Woofcast #182

Lots of show for you tonight gang! Well worth the cost of admission I must admit.

We start with our tip of the week (check your lugs!) and Gabe tells about his experience with the JCW suspension on the track (he loved it!). Todd can’t figure out what his next car is going to be. Leave a comment below and tell him to just get a Clubman, please?

Mentioned last night and tonight, but AMVIV5 is a go! Details will be appearing on amviv.com shortly. For now, you can get the hotel information here.

And, check back next week when we talk to the guys from Alta. Should be fun!

Woofcast #182:

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7 replies on “Woofcast #182”

  1. I liked the I-65 story.

    Back in college, I made that same drive many times and can totally relate. Those unmarked Indiana State Police cop cars are dangerous.

    Even driving down hill with a strong tail wind, my old Honda Civic couldn’t do over 100, but I was also lucky enough to be driving next to some random SUV who got pulled over instead of me.

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