Woofcast #2

Again with Gabe Bridger, we touch on quite a few things…

-This week on Motoringfile
-This week on dbmini. Can we stop with the wax?
-MSRP vs. Over charge
-Buy local vs. Buy out of state
-Good service = be nice
-db debuts new sound effects
-Selling a MINI
-Warranty fixes…dealer vs. aftermarket
-Good service = be nice
-Gabe avoids the MINI Police once again
-Todd really has good ideas. No, really.
-Gabe got a $3 mic…sounds much better.
-Next weeks topic is still a secret…listen back on Wednesday.

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Woofcast 2:
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12 replies on “Woofcast #2”

  1. Like your podcasts. After your first one I was going to segest you put your recording through a compressor to smooth out the highs and lows. But it sound like you got that under controll for the 2nd one. I found you though motoringfiles page. I am looking forward to your future podcasts. I have an 06 on the way, ordered through military sales.

  2. Thanks for listening!

    Yea, we have had some quality problems for the last couple of ‘casts, but we are slowly getting them ironed out.

  3. Sorry to hear you guys don’t have any MINI-only dealerships in your areas. In my experience and many others’, I’ve seen it makes a huge difference.

    Now that I’m caught up and left you enough comments to hate me 🙂 I’d like to complain that your comments section doesn’t remember my information…it’s the only blog I’ve seen that does that and it gets really annoying entering everything in each time.

    Of course what I haven’t commented since #1 goes without saying…you guys are doing a great job and put on a show thats fun to listen to…keep it up.

  4. I will look at that ASAP! It should not ask you to log in after you’ve been moderated, and you were moderated.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    I just checked…using IE or FireFox on Windows, my information was saved, even after I logged out. Are you Mac or Windows and what browser are you using?

  5. Hi guys,

    I’m enjoying the podcast. I’m glad that there are other MINI obsessed people out there! I may not need to check in to the local mental health facility just yet … though I have been known to polish my MCS after midnight in my garage.

    I just wanted to say that I can hear Todd just fine, but I have lots of trouble hearing db. It’s not a volume issue, because both mics seem to be at almost the same level. db’s mic seems to be distorted. A quick fix might be to just buy the same mic that Todd has! 😉

    Thanks for doing this podcast, guys. It’s really nice to have other MINI obsessed people to listen to. It saves my co-workers, significant other and family from having to listen to my ranting and raving about all things MINI.

  6. Hello,

    I enjoyed your podcasts. They were fun to listen to. And they keep me occupied until I get my MINI. 😛

    Oh, as for the login/commenting problem, could it be that you didn’t allow cookies?

  7. Perhaps the fact that I am using 3 different browsers; one at work and two at home, and across this and dbmini, that something is getting confused. But I just had to enter it again.
    Granted my browser remembers and helps me fill in the fields, but they are not pre-filled in and saved in a cookie (nor is there any checkbox to do so) like other blogs.

    It’s certainly no big deal, but maybe there is some option that just needs to be turned on.

  8. Finally managed to find some time to give you guys a listen. Was actually far more enjoyable than I had expected but was probably a little too long for me. Quality and content were great though, I hope you can keep it up as the weeks go on.

    I actually had some comments on the topics but as I type this I cannot remember a single one, maybe when I’ve had a bit more coffee and/or sleep….

    Good work guys!

  9. I like the podcast, but is there a way for me to subscribe through Apple’s iTunes Podcasts section? I am looking for the easiest possible way to subscribe to your podcast, and I’ve searched for “White Roof Radio” in iTunes, and have been unsuccessful.

    Keep in mind, I’m a novice at all this technology, so I was really hoping there was an easy way to subscribe right within iTunes.

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

  10. You sure can! Click the link below to the iTunes button over on the left. That will take you right the WRR iTunes page, complete with handy dandy subscribe button!

    Thanks for listening (or, at least trying to). Let me know if you need further assistance.
    Click here for the WRR iTunes page

  11. Hi, while I don’t have an Ipod I do down the cast from this site and listening to it on my commputer. I have enjoyed the podcasts very much, especially when Gabe is on.

    I do have a couple of comments. First I disliked the comment (and yes it ticked me off) about it seems people who drive CVT’s (Automatics) might just be lazy. IMO a statement like that without facts is just irresponsible. Neither of you know for sure why so many people drive CVT/Autos.

    Saying that’s it’s laziness shows some ignorance. People drive automatics for a whole host of reasons which have nothing to do with being lazy.

    Second comment. May I suggest that comments to alcohol (the drinking game) not be included on your podcasts. I have nothing against Alcohol and drink myself, but this is a show about Cars (the MINI) and not about drinking games of Alcohol. While I’m sure you do not encourage or advocate drinking and driving and that intent is clearly not made, I would respectful ask you not to talk about drinking games and how much each of you is drinking while taping the podcast. Thank you.

    Otherwise I enjoy the podcasts alot.

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