Woofcast #200

# 200!

Wow! Can you believe we are now into the 2nd century of Woofcasts? And our third year? Crazy, I know.

As a special treat tonight, we were joined by Michael from The Mail Buoy Podcast and Robert from the soundseeing tours, Mobile Movie Minute and The Business Cast. Also, shout out to The Scooter Cast. If you are interested in Scooting and some great music, you should totally check it out.

Starting off with a clip from Woof #21, which has now been classified as a ‘Classic’. Check it out.

Then we finish with a rousing rendition of news from Motoringfile.

For those of you that missed it, we did the show live via uStream again, audio only. It worked out much better than we expected with better quality than TalkShoe. I’m sure we will do this one again.

Be sure to check back tomorrow too. Robert and Micheal join us again and it was a lot of fun!

Woofcast #200:

Download | 26.1MB | 56:50 | Zipped | WRR @ iTunes

14 replies on “Woofcast #200”

  1. Hooray for scooters! I picked up my Vespa P200E yesterday! Time to add another podcast to my que.

  2. Thanks for pimping the show. As you mentioned, White roof Radio was the first podcast I listened to, as we got a free Ipod when we purchased our 2006 CooperS. I was looking forward to show 200, but imagine my surprise to hear SCTRCST mentioned. Again, many thanks and visit any time http://www.sctrcst.com

  3. Thank you for continuing to produce an entertaining and informative podcast for all the MINI fanatics out in the ether. WhiteRoofRadio is the first and only podcast I listen to!

  4. What is the exact service **bulletin number** for the spark JCW spark plug changeout? My MINI service adviser can’t find it. I need the very specific number. Do ya’ll have that?

    Todd, not the JCW DIY kit, but when you get service done for a JCW… that bulletin.

    Great show. Thanks for 200!

  5. Congrats on 200….please dont stop the off topic banter, its what makes the show entertaining AND informative!

    Perhaps you could debate THE hot button issue
    who wins in a face off….Batman or Superman?

  6. Nozz – The JCW install bulletin is *the* bulletin we’ve been referring to. On the first page is states“NGK BKR 7 spark plugs are used and should be fitted at each subsequent service and maintenance interval”. This should apply to all JCW kits for R53 MINIs. The JCW kit requires a multi ground plug unlike the standard MCS singe ground plug. Unless a dealer can show a subsequent bulletin that says JCW’d MINIs do not require the plugs I would continue to demand them and contact the regional service rep if needed.

  7. Ahhh, thanks Todd. Maybe I should have read the full pdf.

    On a side note, I’m flying with many European pilots here, and there’s many flavors of MINI here. From a MINI D, MINI 1, with several R50, R53 types, and my JCW. BMW’s galore too!

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