Woofcast #207

orange-bowl-football-logo.pngTo get us started, way back at the beginning of ’07 I said my goal for the year was to triple the numbers of listeners from ’06. Oh yea, we definitely did that. Thank you!

Ian Cull got an R56, we answer an email from the MF mailbox, installing an iPod and, oddly enough, games and game consoles.

No show for the 23rd or the 24th. We are going to take Christmas off. We will have stuff for you to download on those days, just no real show.

Woofcast 207:

Download | 30:20 | 14MB

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  1. Guys, I am getting a consistent 26-27 MPG on my bone stock ’05 R53 S with 35K miles. And this is most of the time with the A/C on in dense city driving.

    Before you say “That C4 must drive like a grandma” think again….. I really drive this car with gusto and shifts are in the 4K+ range.

    I am amazed. The fuel economy has improved dramatically as the engine piles up on the mileage.

    I guess having second gen 16″ runflats and no sunroof probably does help with the fuel economy, but 25-26MPG city on a stock R53 is pretty damn good IMHO.

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