Woofcast #214

2006-smart-forfun2-concept-front-and-side-1920x1440-1.jpgNot so much with the MINIs tonight. Well, at little with the MINIs, but mostly about how MINI will be affected by SMART coming to the US. Personally, I’m not terribly interested in them, unless I can get the crazy looking one over there.

The video was already posted on MF. Click here if you missed it. It was part of a huge video Friday that you can revist here. And you must check out the Tata Nano from India. Only $2500 and we think it would self-destruct on impact.

AMVIV update…rooms are going fast. In fact, Tower Rooms are all booked, only Garden Room remain. Get yours while the getting is good! Also, just confirmed Robert in Toronto will be joining us this year at AMVIV! Someone will have to run him up to the snow to keep him from getting too home sick.

Woofcast 214:

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    I was invited to attend their American introduction tour and was able to get a test drive. It was far less than impressive.

    The transmission was a brick, the handling was sloshy at best and the brakes took a week to react (then felt like they locked once they did). It was totally not the car for the MINI driver.

    The only thing good about that test drive was the hot sales rep, but even she was too busy shoving free ice cream down her throat to answer any of my questions.

    Most of the folks in line were in their 50s and 60s (at least in Dallas).

  2. LOL, DB! Sorry about being so anti-smart and junk, but I was really psyched about the little car. The drive was a true let down. Maybe it’s because the MINI has raised my expectations too high.

  3. Damn, I didn’t even think about the karma with the parcel shelf…. Just watch out for 20 yr. old girls driving behind you on a rainy day, that’s all I’m saying. 😀

  4. You know some fool is going buy two tatas here in the states.

    Just so he can put the plates “Bo” & “Dacious” on the cars.

    They’ll of course become (you guessed it) his Bodacious Tatas

  5. In defense of Todd, the del Sol had 102hp (S), 125hp (Si), and 160hp (VTEC) respectively. The VTEC model was quite the sleeper, since it had the (1.6L) B16A3 motor (which was what the previous generation Integra had), had a wonderful 8300rpm redline, and many parts of the (then) current gen Integra Type R were interchangeable with it.

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