Woofcast #216

logo4077pic_telephone-york.jpgdb does his best Steve Jobs, Gabe learns about off the hook and Todd times us on Apple talk. Wow, all that in the first 5 minutes too.

Then, a few minutes talking about the weather and Gabe’s plans for the future. Oh yea, that’s all you get. You’ll have to listen for the rest.

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Woofcast 216:

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  1. Gabe right out of the gate, congrats to both you and your wife! Have no doubts your going to do a great job in your new role.

    Found out tonight that the Portland Oregon autoshow will not only have the Clubman but the 1 series as well. Looking forward to checking them both out.

  2. Congrats Gabe!! I was convinced you were not going to AMVIV to be at the release of the next JCW car (GP2).

  3. Great News!! Your life will change and it will be great. Keep the MINI, I have 4 kids and a 02 MCS. Although my wife has a SUV we use, I can get all 4 kids in the Mini if need be.

  4. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Gabe. I have a 10 month old son, and we have 2 MINI’s in the family. Best thing I ever did (the son, not the MINI’s although they come close). Enjoy each and every moment – they are special.

  5. Congratulations Gabe. It may not be rocket science as DB says, but you’ll wish you had a manual. I’ve got three beautiful daughters (all grown now) and you may try to keep the boys away (if yours is a girl) but hormones are more determined than most fathers. 🙂

  6. usually when i’m listening to the woofcast, i’m at or near my computer… it figures i was listening to #216 while driving up (down?) the I-10 and could not immediately post a congratulatory comment. which is a long way saying “congrats gabe on “the news”!” i look forward to not hearing about it in the future! (um, wait- i meant that in a good way!)


  7. Congratulations Gabe! Now you’ve got a great excuse to go out and buy toys for yourself and say it’s “for the baby.” 😀

  8. Big congratulations to you Gabe! So, you think it is a little weird to be sharing such personal stuff in a podcast? I’ve only been listening to WRR for a few weeks now (I just got a certified pre-owned ’06 MCS last month), and I think it is kinda weird that I’ve so quickly grown connected with people like the three of you, who share all this great MINI stuff with the world, and share bits of yourselves in the bargain. I’m glad you guys are doing this and have reached the ripe old age of episode #214. Gabe, I think you can justify the MINI for at least a few more years. I drop my daughter at school in the MINI every week and get an absurd thrill from defying the SUV and mini-van crowd that cues up in the drop-off lane… No question, this is a huge, life-changing event. But, as you sail off on this great adventure, don’t overlook those of us who have always had a child seat in the back of our MINIs (and, therefore, could never even consider getting a GP), and who want to sustain the MINI as the *other* family car, or, in some cases, the *only* family car.

  9. So, you think it is a little weird to be sharing such personal stuff in a podcast?

    IMO, Not at all. When my wife was pregnant, we wanted the whole world (or at least those who cared to listen) know. This is grand news. The announcement of a new member of the family should be a celebration to be enjoyed with everybody. I can’t see how anybody would have an issue with it being shared.

  10. Na Zisi (thats congrats in Greek) Great news Gabe!! IMHO keep the MINI the little one will like it way more than a BMW. All kids love MINIs more than any other car. I still get little kids pointing and saying to their parent ‘look a MINI’

  11. We’ve been travelling and without much net access, so I just heard the news… Congrats to you and the Mrs. Gabe!!

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