Woofcast #222

1 seriesFor those of you that enjoy the long shows, you are in for a treat. We actually go on quite a bit on the upcoming factory JCW car, what we think about it and what pricing we think it will come in at. We also discus the MINI challenge car a bit too. Oh yea, and Gabe’s recent trip the Chicago Auto Show.

The flash back at the beginning? Yea, Gabe’s dead on prediction for the new JCW Car, from Woof 30!. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is just that good.

Speaking of, Gabe will be at the BMW/MINIUSA Press Junket in California all week. Keep an eye out for pictures and thoughts about the Clubman. And, keep an eye on Bimmerfile for the BMW news.

Woofcast 222:

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6 replies on “Woofcast #222”

  1. A fun show, not really much new about the Factory car but still enjoyable.

    Still believe Mini if off the mark not making this car visually different. It’s true that there are those that like pulling badges off their car to be a wolf in sheep clothing but then again I wonder how successfully any of the M series would be if they looked exactly like the others in their series? I also wonder how enthused a M buyer would be if they were not only offered a car that looks exactly like the main series car but then had to piece together the car with a standard aero kit and buy a suspension for it.

    No doubt its going to be a nice car but have some rather series reservations about it.

  2. Hi Guys… Love the show as always, but I have a suggestion for a badge – just for us Top Gear Fans – How about “I am the Stig” Would go very well on my JCW S. πŸ™‚

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