Woofcast #242

Another from our live outing last Saturday. Before getting into talking about MPG and the JCW MINI we had a little Cinco de Mayo Celebration. It was fun if you missed it.

If you did miss the live outing because I forgot to post it the day before, you could always follow me on Twitter. I post that kind of thing there all the time.

Also, some requests out the WRR Audience. Looking for someone to run the WRR MySpace Page and, if you fancy yourself a writer and would like to write a review of a product that you have used to share with the MF audience, let us know.

MTTS is right around the corner! We’ll be bringing you full coverage from all of the events as well as the road trip from Miami to Boston! And, WRR turns 3 during the LA stop, so if you are around, come find us to help celebrate!

Woofcast 242:

Download | 15.1MB | 32:44 | WRR @ iTunes

3 replies on “Woofcast #242”

  1. How are gas prices effecting us? My family and I are driving a lot less, and considering getting another Mini, (this time a non-S), that will be used 90% of the time when we don’t have large loads or a need to seat large adults. I think maybe a market for the MINI ONE in the US is around the corner.

  2. Gas prices in the UK are about £1.15 litre for petrol(40 litre tank in the R56 Cooper)and diesel is around £1.27 litre. Our road tax which is now bassed on CO2 emissions, for example a R56 Cooper will cost £120 year(R50 would set you back £170), a Cooper D is £35 and R53 Cooper S will set you back £300 a year!!

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