Woofcast #243

Live again, audio only since I wasn’t wearing pants. Also, we got Gabe for tonight, but he was to wiped out to keep going, so tomorrow it’s just Todd and myself.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to register for MTTS! Remember, if you don’t register you won’t get the free bag of swag! And, if you are going to LA, come by and look us up. We will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary!

To those of you that have offered to run the WRR myspace page, I will be getting back to you later this week. Thanks!

Finishing off with news of the week.

Woofcast 243:

Download | 18MB | 39:07| WRR @ iTunes

6 replies on “Woofcast #243”

  1. Guys,

    What happened to your MOTD coverage? First Gabe is coming, then not. Then Todd is coming, then not. But even through the changes, there was no coverage on WRR. There were several AMVIV shows, but nothing on the Dragon? Did I miss it?

    I started my drive to Fontana listening to WRR, assuming that I’d have one of your great event breakdowns. What happened?

  2. We weren’t there and didn’t get any reports from the field. Sorry to disappoint.

    We would have loved to be there ourselves, but it starts getting pretty expensive zig zagging across the country with income from our day jobs.

  3. Yeah, plans for Gabe and I to be at the Dragon changed at the last minute. Nothing more than schedule conflicts. With time spent at AMVIV and time set aside to be at all four MTTS events this summer something finally had to give – unfortunately it was a trip to the Dragon.

  4. Was there a link to the footage of Gabe on the Dragon that he was talking about? I would like to see it.

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