Woofcast #267

JCW Challenge MINIThe three of us back again for a Monday night and off to a silly start. That’s what happens when we are drinking coffee during the show.

We spend some time talking about the comparison between VW and MINI, then Gabe and Todd go off on a JCW tangent. At least I think they did since my eyes pretty much glazed over as soon as soon as they started. Todd did talk about the $40k Clubman again. As soon as Todd gets back from Vegas I will get him to post a picture.

Play along at home. If you are spending $40K on a car, what else could you buy besides a JCW Clubman, new or used?

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Woofcast 267:

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10 replies on “Woofcast #267”

  1. If it’s just me, I’m getting a used M3. If my wife has any say (and she has all the say) I’m getting a Lexus 400 (or whatever the CUV is).

  2. The trick is that 40k is starting to get into the realm of TWO new cars. Why that is two new Scion’s or two new hyundai’s. For me 28 will get me all the Clubman I could want (read rationalize) but even at that price I have to start looking at other options. I love my MINI and God willing I will never drive any other car. I make enough money to afford it but it falls under the realm of luxury not just mere transportation. a 40k dollar Clubman sounds extravagant to me.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. Like you Todd, I became more of an auto enthusiast AFTER buying my first MINI.

    I have to agree with Gabe that the MINI is not like the classic VW Beetle. However, I see where you’re coming from. People are becoming more aware of them as something that’s here to stay and not just a fad.

    I actually see the MINI as closer to the BMW 2002 – if you want to compare.

  4. My JCW only cost me $33k. I’m really happy with it. The trick was staying away from the costly options e.g. JCW Aero Kit ($2600), Leather ($2000), etc. I’d been looking at a MCS for high $20s, so a few K more for a boatload more power was a no-brainer.

  5. Would look much better with Todd’s silver graphics on the roof. Maybe only me but brown cars are so, brown heh. Not a look that really hits me as a got to have.

    Still have to say though for 40k, I think this car is way to similar to every other Clubman and still needs some serious attention to really make it shine.

  6. Hmmm… Lots of choices. A Z4, TT, CTS – yep, I would go with a CTS. I really like the aggressive styling of the new Caddies.

  7. I thought your comparison of the Mini and the Beetle was great.
    What you must remember is what American cars were like when the VW was introduced.
    Cars at the time were heavy and could not corner at all, not to mention they were not fun to drive. The Beetle came along and it was light and for the time nimble. The car was a blast to drive and people quickly began to mod them just like the Mini. The VW could be anything from Street Rod to a desert runner. It was a car that people made uniquely their own just like the Mini, no two were alike. My 80-year-old ant still talks about hers with affection, I remember riding in it with her, she drove it like a women possessed.

    One last comment a 40K Mini is outrageous.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks Lee. Both Db and Gabe thought I was crazy but you see where I was coming from.

    I believe the MINI is car that some enthusiasts appreciate not an enthusiast car. The MINI is car that handles and performs like few others but I believe that performance/handling are not even in the top three reasons people currently buy MINIs.

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