Woofcast #279

Micheal Todd and myself get together to talk about MINIs and Todd’s basement remodel. Oh yea, plus news from Motoringfile.

We also discuss when show 300 will be landing and we think it’s going to be happening at AMVIV in ’09. We also revisited the octane debate one last time.

Want to play around with the voicemail line? Please call 206-202-3252. Say something funny, including the words “World Famous White Roof Radio” and we’ll include it in the show. Or ask a question. Or tell a story. Anything you like!

Be sure to get over to Motoringbadges.com for a brand new badge for the end of the year. More info to follow on MF very soon.

Do you use Twitter? I’m @dbwilldo, Todd is @toddsmods, Gabe is @gbridger and Michael is @radiationman.

Woofcast 279:

Download | 46:12 | 21.2MB | WRR @ iTunes

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