Woofcast #286

paint-swatchBig show for you this week. Before we get started, be sure to check out the most recent Event Cast in case you missed it.

On to news from Motoringfile.com and Gabe joined in late. BTW, MF and BimmerFile scooped everyone on the Chris Bangle story. Listen as Gabe swoons over the work that he did while at BMW/MINI.

Moving on to throttle body sticking in cold weather. Gabe is pretty sure he has the fix, but you will have to listen to find out what it is.

Don’t forget the voicemail line! 202-206-3252 should already be programmed into your phones. Call anytime, it’s always open.

If you missed it, MotoringFile has a brand new Facebook page. A new one for WRR is in the works and will be ready soon. Watch this space for updates!

Woofcast 286 :

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10 replies on “Woofcast #286”

  1. just wanted to throw out that the oil change intervals can’t really be the thing – this happened at 5000 miles on my car.

    My drive is about 20 minutes each way, for what its worth.

    I really think the true problem is related to crankcase ventilation.

    This is a design flaw. You should NOT get a check engine light at 20 degrees in a modern car. I’ve owned 30 cars and NEVER had this problem before this car. It may happen occasionally in other cars, but this is a widespread issue affecting a LOT of MINIs right now….and…..only R56s! Certainly a design flaw.

  2. I’m a little worried about something to do with the frozen throttle you keep mentioning…. what is this “Cold Weather” thing that you keep mentioning? 😉

  3. The frozen throttle body issue only affects Gen 2 S cars (clubman or hatch). There is a different issue, and much rarer for the cooper were the vanos valves freeze, and in this case the car will not start at all.

    We have several members of our club who have the S issues… Some have been without their car for several weeks, waiting for a fix from MINI.

  4. BTW, this is a design flaw IMO for the Copper S. AT -7C (20F), it should not happen. MANY other vehicles do not have this problem, including the R53. So why is only the Gen 2 having this issue? Something is wrong with the design, and from what we have heard MINI is working to fix it.

    Yes it could happen to any vehicle, but it happens too much to these cars. 20F is NOT cold BTW…

  5. To the suggestion that a block heater is an option .. I don’t think it is. When I bought my R56 Cooper up here in Alberta — where we sometimes get -30F — the dealer said there’s no room for such things. The use of synthetic oil is meant to make everything dandy. I’ve had no problems but have heard there’s an issue here with turbo Minis in the cold.

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