Woofcast #287

For those of you that thought we were going to be live, all apologies. We had a bit of a scheduling conflict. Before that, I choked on the intro and Todd and I both realize that we are getting old after realizing that our good friend The Future Queen of Nebraska (Happy Birthday Tori!) was born the year we graduated highschool.

Gabe was at the Chicago Auto Show so not able to be with us, but we carried on without him with news of the week from Motoringfile.

Then some auto industry talk and bit more on the throttle body freezing issue. Todd dug into this a little deeper and has a very good explanation as to what is happening. From what we understand, this is only affecting the MCS and Clubman S (and some Volkswagens). We explain what is happening and what they are trying to possibly fix it. If this is a problem that you are having with your MINI, be sure to get it into the dealer to have it looked at.

We will try for live again this week. Keep an eye out for a post Wednesday or Thursday morning on the sites for details. No details, no live show.

Woofcast :

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  1. Concerning the freezing throttle body issues…I may be the exception to the rule.

    I drove up from Richmond, VA to Detroit for the DT grand opening partayy and spent the night in Cleveland. The next morning the valet said the car had the “half yellow engine” light and wouldn’t go over 10mph. After a few minutes of running and a restart it was all good. (Still scared the crap out of me though!)Kinda bizarre that it happened after an 8 hr drive but it was 0 Fahrenheit, which is far colder weather than the car had ever been in before so who knows. 🙂

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