Woofcast #294

5349581Weather, Michael moving and some cell phone talk, including a pretty handy iPhone tip from our man Todd.

Before getting into the news, I give a quick update on my MINI, including a possible reason for my check engine light coming on, plus I had a wtf moment.

For news of the week, from Motoringfile as always, and Gabe actually was able to join us for a little bit this week too with an update on his new ride plus his thoughts on the MINI Airstream, the Speedster, the R60 plus quite a bit more. It was great to have him on this week!

For those of you heading to the Dragon this weekend, have fun and be safe! If you missed it, check out MINIsontheDragon.com for all of the info. Watch for new badges from Motoringbadges coming very soon too.

Are you getting a MINI E? Let us know! We would like to talk to you about the process and the car. Also, if you are planning on going to MINI United this year, chime in below. We have something cool planned for Woofcast 300 while we are there.

Woofcast :

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5 replies on “Woofcast #294”

  1. Would I sport a MINI Spacebox? Yes, if it were ten feet shorter and the same height as the MINI. Wait a minute scratch that I already do.

    Honestly, I do like some of the ideas behind this but it is no fault of MINI that Airstream made the choice to stick with the shape/size they are known for. In my opinion Airstream not MINI have missed the mark.

    In addition, the beach theme seems a bit wrong. After all, I don’t remember reading anything about MINI owners wanting to carry boards and scuba equipment.
    What I would like to see is the use of this same trailer (smaller) and made a track day theme, now we are getting somewhere add a bar for the end of the day and a big screen for watching your video footage.

    In the end the cool thing about the trailer is the fold down side. If I had something like that on my trailer it would make it even more special.
    Maybe something to consider for my next trailer.

    The “Kernel” of C.O.R.N. (Cooper Owners of Rural Nebraska)

  2. So am I the only one that thinks the Mini Airstream is going to make it’s debut behind the R60 at Frankfurt?

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