Woofcast #308

It’s the Todd and Gabe show! Some talk about the upcoming LeMons race, some more Speedster talk, more on the dreaded oil pan gasket leaks plus an AMVIV update with Andrew ‘Agro’ Ross. Full text of the update to follow very very soon, but you will want to book your room soon!

If you are an owner of an ’03 – ’06 MINI Cooper S (R53), be sure to take some time **this week** to check your oil! It’s simple and only takes a minute or two next time you are fueling up. Not fueling this week? Then do it when you get home from work in the driveway. Just make sure the engine is warm when you check it. Making sure you have enough oil in your crankcase will save you from an engine failure! In case you missed it, I made up a handy video how-to to help you out.

As mentioned above, we talked with Agro about AMVIV. There was a new email that went out this week that will be going up first thing tomorrow morning. If you want to get subscribed to the list, you can do that here.

Thanks for listening gang! I was checking out iTunes Monday night and we were coming in at number 5 in the Automotive category! Keep listening and we’ll keep making shows. Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends!

Also, since I missed this show, we are running the photo contest until next Monday, October 5th. All you have to do is post a photo of your MINI at the WRR Facebook Fan Page to get a chance to win a Motoringbadge of your choice!

Woofcast 308:

Watch this space for some cool updates that are bound to coming very, very soon from MINI of Ontario! They should be opening around the end of November and I can also bet we will be there!

They are using the Twitter, and if you want to be kept up-to-date as construction happens and new MINIs start to arrive, follow them!

Follow along at home. They will be opening near the end of November and I can practically guarantee that there will be a huge party! Watch this space for details as we get closer.

Woofcast 308:

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  1. Hey Gabe, you said if they made houndstooth socks you’d wear them. Well if you Google you’ll find thousands, but here is one of special interest.

  2. Gabe, I’m not going to buy you those $30 socks (well, now marked down to $25). But if you start a pool I’d be willing to make a contribution provided you make them your official track day socks. Pics at work also.

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