Woofcast #328

Live from MINI of Ontario for their huge grand opening party. We talk news from Motoringfile and R60 with Jim McDowell.

Thanks to everyone that came by to join us. For those of you that missed it, next time you are nearby definitely make sure to stop by and check out the largest MINI Cooper Dealership in California. And, be sure to tell them that White Roof Radio sent you!

I even uploaded a couple of videos to the WRR YouTube Channel that you can go over and check out. And, no. We did not write the Mayor of Ontario’s jokes. Really!

Woofcast 328:

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3 replies on “Woofcast #328”

  1. Great show guys!

    Sounds like Mini of Ontario will be a great addition to the MINI family. Great to see another stand alone MINI dealership. I do however really have to wonder just how many massive SUV people will move to a R60. Honestly a large number of the drivers of the largest SUVs are driving them because of two main reasons. They tend to need a lot of seats and space and the biggest reason is that they feel safer stuck behind their 5k+ beasts.

  2. JonPD – Understandably there are number of people who “need” a larger SUV to haul a big family or tow a boat, camping trailer or what ever. But I challenge that there is a larger percentage of people who drive the big SUVs who are looking to downsize but still want all wheel drive and four doors. I can’t speak for the entire country but here in the midwest, I see a great number of Explorer sized SUVs being traded in on smaller more fuel efficient cars. I don’t think I’m alone in seeing this trend. Now getting someone to downsize from an Explorer sized SUV to a MINI Cooper R56 hardtop is a big stretch. Enter the R60 as a “viable” alternative.

    Someone is always going to throw out the exception case where they “need” more seats and the ability to tow a boat and there are plenty of choices out there for that. But where MINI will succeed with the Countryman, in my opinion, is hitting that large percentage of middle ground drivers who have one or two kids and want the ability to comfortably and enjoyably take off for a ski weekend or get to and from the store in 10 inches of snow.

    I’m going long here and should really put this in an op ed piece, but I am saying that just because a certain car, the Countryman in this case, doesn’t fit one’s personal needs doesn’t make it a bad idea. The Countryman will succeed in meeting the needs and desires of a lot of people but so will five other models of MINIs. Therein lies the beauty of it.

  3. I do hear where your coming from Todd, and I for one have never doubted that MINI will sell plenty R60’s. I still personally will never accept the R60 as a MINI, no offense to anybody else who does just a personal view.

    Still this Woofcast is more about welcoming MINI of Ontario to the family than it is about the R60 so lets let our disagreement lay. Pretty sure neither of us will change the other persons view. 🙂

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