Woofcast #33

We review the survey and answer some listener emails.

-Db has intro trouble
-Ghostbusters? Again?
-Todd needs more time at the MINI configurator.
-Listener feedback via the survey.
-Gabe doesn’t have any infections.
-Listener e-mail questions answered.
-Randy Webb interview part 2
–Randy is a drug dealer and the drugs are in the form of MINI performance parts.
–Stoichiometry – def-b : the quantitative relationship between two or more substances especially in processes involving physical (or chemical) change.
–Robert Gold breaks in his MCS JCW.

We went WAY long this week with the Randy Webb interview part II. So you will see the news segment coming up next.

Todd did the hard part

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14 replies on “Woofcast #33”

  1. Great show as always guys. I laughed myself silly when my furniture comments from woof #31 came up. And as I commented further in that post, Gabe, your taste in furniture is very cool. I’m actually building some furniture right now, so the sites you pointed to have some great inspiration.

    keep it up guys!

    NS in NE

  2. Hey guys, thanks for reading my question on the show. I liked Gabe’s rather blunt answer: It will increase everything!

    I wanted to make a quick and probably surprising comment on the regular gas topic.

    As a fix for the rough idle issue with my 2004 MCS, the Detroit MINI dealer actually recommended using 87 or 89 octane gas. They said the 87/89 octane is a more pure than the 93 octane, because the 93 octane gas is just 89 octane with octane booster and more cleaning additives…unlike the “good stuff” they have in Europe.

    I’ve gone through 6 tanks of regular gas and the rough idle issue has improved, but hasn’t completely gone away. Go figure.

  3. In regards to Andy’s gas comment, I’ve been using nothing else but ‘regular’ in my ’05 MC. They give the regular an octane level of 91-93 over here in Greece, and I have never had any problems what so ever with the engine.

    Cynthia in Greece

  4. Cynthia – 91-93 octane is our premium. The regular we speak of her in the States is usually 87 octane.

    Do they have higher than 93 available in Greece?

  5. DB keep the California speak. Do lose the weather talk.

    Thanks for taking on my question about tire rotation. I had read on N.A.M. about letting the fronts wear out, moving rears forward and buying new tires for the rear and not moving the tires around. Thought that was a well known option vs. usual rotation so did not spell it out like I should have in my original question.

    No matter, after hearing I was world-wide famous thanks to you guys my wife (she always listens too – count her as one of your hot female listeners) said she really wanted to sleep with me, right now!!!

    Thanks guys!

  6. Todd, they have ‘super’ gas here with an octane of 97 and above, there is one station that advertises with 100 octane-some how I don’t believe it..


  7. Great show as always, guys.

    But I have to take issue with Robert from Toronto — 5th and 6th gear when going above 4500 rpm for the first time on your JCW?

    My friend, you have a magnificent automobile — let us hear you go up through the whole gearbox!


  8. Hella Rad,
    DB i will be out in Socal, I want some califorication, so i will not be stuck in the cold weather of OHIO!!
    Will be out in the Summer.

  9. I’m getting caught up with my podcasts and listened to this one today. I really liked Randy’s 3 or so things he would recommend doing to an MCS. He can sell his drugs via podcast!

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