Woofcast #330

To be honest, we ran super long during Woof 329, so this is the 2nd half of that show. So, you get to hear me explain to everyone why we hate the automatic transmission and some Ask Chad in which Chad goes crazy talking about engine additives, espeically SeaFoam. Tune in to see what he thinks. Oh, and I got Michael to talk smack about his VW.

AMVIV starts this week! Follow along at home unless you are going to be there. The WRR Twitter will be working like mad starting Wednesday. And maybe follow Mr. Cone too, since he is the official mascot of A MINI Vacation in Vegas.

If you are going to AMVIV, please stop by and say hi to the WRR boys ok. We’d love to see you, and since you never call anymore, we worry.

The next time we meet will be in Vegas **baby!** Is it AMVIV yet?

Woofcast 330:

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  1. thanks for taking my email and talking about it. it’s good to hear some conversation beyond what i could find in the forums. you did leave me with a few more questions though. first, to round out my information, it’s a r55 S with ~35k on the clock. i live a block away from a bp station, so it’s almost always top grade bp going into the gas tank. no engine modifications beyond an intake.

    mainly i’m curious as to what symptoms would tell you that you have carbon on the valves? while i’m fairly certain i’m in the clear at the moment, i’d like to know what to keep an eye on.

    one of your recommended solutions is actually tearing down the engine, cleaning everything, and reassembling. this sounds alot more expensive than a seafoam / additive (if done correctly). is this a regular service offered at DT? how much does that run in money / time?

    you also mentioned a gasoline additive called techron. correct me if i’m wrong, but the issue the gen 2 cars are seeing this carboning is due to direct injection and the fact that the valves are not washed down with gasoline regularly. if that’s the case, how is a gasoline additive going to help?

    the last suggestion is a oil catch can. this seems like the way to go as far as preventative maintenance goes. my only concern is how to address any build-up from the 35k i’ve driven without it. so the root of my question is 35k enough miles to build up carbon? or should i just move forward with the occ and assume that in my personal case 35k miles was not enough to harm the engine?

    thanks again for taking the time to research my initial question!


  2. I was glad to hear your response about Seafoam. I have used it several times not on the same car but on 3 different cars. I personally would not use it more then every 20k to 30k miles for fear of drying stuff up and breaking stuff. Also from the experience I have with and the friends of mine that have used it, if you put it in the crankcase don’t leave it in there. Put it in and change the oil with in about 50 miles. I have heard horror stories on my old Spec V forum of people spinning out bearings and burning up rings. It is a good product that works but like alcohol it should be used in moderation. Thanks again. Cheers!

  3. I should have taken you out on that ride this morning – that’d made your road trips home a real blast, right? Had a great time guys, thanks for coming. See ya next time 🙂

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