Woofcast #337

Wow. We have a more than a normal amount of show tonight for all y’all. Starting with catching up with Gabe on things that we haven’t heard about like his time with the Tesla and MINI E. We then move into a rousing round of news from MotoringFile like we like to do.

After that, it’s 4 guys talking about cars. Except the last 20 minutes. Trust me. We did go long but it’s a lot of great show for you this week.

Don’t forget, next Thursday from 6:00PM until 10:00PM, Todd and I will be at MINI of Loveland to celebrate their Grand Opening. We would love to see as many of you as possible and it would be cool if you let us know.

Woofcast 337:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 40.5MB |1:28:33

2 replies on “Woofcast #337”

  1. love the show guys! one of the best was done here. Keep up the good work.

    I must say as a listener, that other than you guys needing to get back to your own lives….don’t worry about getting off topic and running long. What makes anything audio entertaining is the personalities involved. I don’t listen for information as much as I do entertainment. The cooper related info is great, but I listen to every show because of you the hosts!

  2. Thank you good dr. That is kind of you to say.

    We will keep talking as long as you keep listening and by “you” I mean you and the collective 20,000-30,000 pairs of ears we reach every month.


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