Woofcast #34

Trying something new for the next couple of weeks for those of you that want more shows that are shorter. We told you we are paying attention to those survey results!

-Listener email…improve your MPG
–Go faster?
–Don’t remove the boot. Really.
–Upgrade your filter or add a cold air intake
–Change your exhaust
–Keep tire pressure what it should be
–Keep current on service
-New of the week from Motoringfile.com
Review of the MKV Golf – Be sure to check the comments if you haven’t already
JCW Products and install docs including prices and part numbers (!). Gabe goes the extra mile!
Safety regs kill the JCW GP for Canada. Who is going to get the 20 cars? It is starting to grow on us. Well, except the red mirror caps.
New R56 spy shots. Yes, that means the new MC, not MCS.
US to get the JCW for the Automatic
MF review of the JCW intake. Gabe gave it a 4.5 out of 5. db admits, it is pretty nice.
MINI keeps the clamshell hood.
Motoringfile at the Chicago Auto Show. Don’t forget to check out the WRR hosted gallery.

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20 replies on “Woofcast #34”

  1. Thanks for reading my question re MPG on-air. I was hoping, DB, that you would tell Gabe and Todd your comment to me about staying under 3000 rpm. This is TOUGH in an MCS, in fact, I have to skip 3rd gear altogether and I can’t go over 70 mph.

    On further reflection, I think the OBC average speed of 6 is probably not right, and I reset this morning, so let’s see what it says now.

    I increased my tire air, I’ve changed the time I leave the house, and we’ll see what happens from there.

    Thanks again!

  2. It is in the high 70’s in AZ now. This is the time us Zonies say this is why we live here….

    I am disappointed with the mileage of my MSC too. My average speed is about high 20’s to low 30’s. I have a ALTA CAI with no other mod’s. My mileage on the computer is 24ish and actually is around 21mpg. Fun factor is awesome, but mileage could be better.


  3. Hi Guys:

    I prefer a longer show that I can then play at my leisure throughout the week. I tend to mix and match my podcast listening, always in my MINI, and always on the road.

    If you cut this podcast as a single show, and then split it in two, then better to have one longer show with all the content, and leave it up to us how and when we listen to the whole shebang.

    If, however, you’ve created two actual separate shows, then maybe this is just somewhat easier for you.

    Either way, great podcast, but one longer show is better than two shorter ones.

    My two gallons, anyway.

    See you on the flip side.

    Robert In Toronto

  4. I too prefer one long show, or post two short shows at the same time. I have dial-up at home so download at other places and being able to do it once a week rather than twice is a benefit.

    Now, if you could post them on Friday that would be huge, so we can listen over the weekend, but I guess Todd does the hard stuff during that time.


  5. I don’t really understand the logic of two shorter shows, and I don’t understand why any of the listeners requested it.

    The beauty of podcasts is that they free us (the listener) from the time constraints of typical media. By doing 2 shorter shows WRR is actually giving in to a constraint that does not exist.

    =Robert In Toronto=

  6. I would rather have the one long show instead. If people want a shorter show tell them to stop listening half-way through and then listen to the rest another time.

    Although that being said the more shows I can get right now the better, I’m waiting on my MC which I will get Thursday or Friday so all the MINI information I can get to keep me going till then is appreciated. 🙂

  7. I like the idea of 2 shorter shows, gives me more to listen to since I listen to the show while I run.

    I think people are being silly about the MCS getting better gas milage. What people need to realize is that the EPA grossly overestimates what these cars will get. There’s a good article about it here, and from that article:

    The EPA currently relies on a standard series of indoor lab tests that simulate driving in mild weather at top highway speeds of 60 mph and average speeds of 48 mph. Vehicles are mounted on dynamometers — machines that spin their wheels to calculate mileage. The EPA acknowledges that the tests simulate driving conditions that are less severe than what most drivers encounter.

    The sticker on the MCS says that it should get 35 or so on the highway? I’ve never had milage that good, mostly because on the highway we all drive about 75 or so, instead of 60 like the EPA estimates. And at 75 you’re up above 3000 RPM instead of down at about 2500 in 60. The EPA uses a speed of 48 mph for city driving, so if your average speed every day is below that, you’re going to get worse milage than the sticker says, that’s just the way it is. So anyway, anything above 25 MPG during normal driving is pretty darned good for a performance oriented car. Just be glad our cars don’t have bigger displacement engines like the ones in a lot of cars that the MINI competes with.

    On another subject. I haven’t listened to any of the podcasts between about #10 and #33, but on this one you all mentioned the price of getting an oil change. What about doing it yourself? It’s easy, much cheaper than having someone else do it (less than 10 dollars for a filter, about 25 for the oil, and 30 bucks once for some ramps if you need them), and you get the peace of mind knowing that some idiot didn’t start up your car before they put oil in the crank case, and for me that’s the biggest benefit.

    And lastly. You guys mentioned putting lower octane gas than was recommended into the MINI. I was forced to put 87 octane in my MCS during the hurricanes, when gas was hard to come by down on the gulf coast, but I noticed no difference at all. I ran two tanks of 87 octane and was watching the car for the slightest bit of problem, but I found none. I still put 93 octane in it anyway, but I never had any problems with the 87. Now I realize that higher compression ratio cars (such as these) require higher octane gas, but my MCS didn’t even skip a beat.

    Keep up the two show thing, I think it’s working great!

  8. I don’t understand why a runner prefers 2 shorter shows, instead of one longer one that he/she can stop anywhere, and resume on the next run.

    And BRG Marine: Catch up on the older WRR podcasts. They’re all good!

    =Robert In Toronto=

  9. Yeah, I’m sure they are. I just found that I was too addicted to my satellite radio in my MCS to listen to the podcasts. I really enjoyed the first episodes I heard, I just sort of forgot about it. I picked it up again when I wanted something without a beat to listen to while I’m running.

  10. I don’t have a strong opinion about having one long show, or two shorter ones, as long as I get my weekly whiteroof radio fix one way or the other…you make me a very happy girl! Thanks!

  11. Whether it’s a short or long program, does the technology allow for some sort of indexing so that we can skip, or “rewind” to each topic begins?

  12. There is technology that would allow for easy skipping and time idexing except…

    To create the file, you need to have a Mac. Not really a problem there. It will only work with AAC files. Therein lies the problem since the only way to play AAC files currently (that support the time indexing) is using iTunes or an iPod.

    One day we MIGHT get to the point of offering more than 1 format, but for right now, MP3 is all we really have time to get done.

  13. Getting a slow start on this episode. I don’t understand the comments about the interior being “cheap”. I do like the interiors of recent VW models (’02 Jetta, ’06 Golf, &c.) but they look very “professional” and don’t have the liveliness and character that my MINI has. I’m hoping it doesn’t get too toned down for ’07, but I digress. How is the dash cheap?

    I’m really kind of smitten by the leather JCW dash. $700 is a *lot* of money, but it’s tempting. I really love my CR dash to match my CR/B car, and with the red/black ploth/cleather seats, it’s *almost* too much (which means it’s just right!). 🙂

  14. I’m really kind of smitten by the leather JCW dash.

    Amen to that. If the stars align I may have some pretty pictures of a new leather dash when they hit dealerships in March.

  15. Go for two shows a week…double the information & double the fun; all in one location that’s better than none.

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