Woofcast #344, Part 2

Part 2 from Woofcast 344. We were live for this one, and this is the Ask Chad portion of the show.

Woofcast 346 is in the can and will be posted tomorrow night as usual. So, you folks get bonus goodness from WRR this week.

A quick note to our affliates; White Roof Radio will be running on a different schedule starting August 9th and continuing through until August 15th. Full details to follow this week.

Woofcast 344, part 2:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 14.3MB |31:03

2 replies on “Woofcast #344, Part 2”

  1. Thanks Chad, for answering my questions about the brake caliper pins.
    I’ll be picking up a couple sets of them for both MINIs sometime after MTTS.

  2. I have the spring type dipstick and I also think it is very hard to read. The problem is the whole thing is wet, and it all looks the same. I use a paper towel just like Chad described. Pull it out, put it against a clean paper towel, and you can immediately see where the dipstick is saturated with oil and where it is not.

    But the R56 is going through oil as rapidly as my Integra did with 130k miles. I’m not too happy about it, but it seems to just be the nature of this engine.

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