Woofcast #355

Here we go gang! We finally get Gabe back to talk about the Countryman, and, as expected, hilarity ensues. Hence the Monkey with Fez. Once we get the silliness out of our system we spend more than a few minutes talking about the R60, MINI Connected and the 350lb monkey in Kansas City.

Once that is behind us, we spend the content portion of the show actually talking about MINI stuff. We think you will enjoy it. Oh yea, go and listen to Bimmercast 34 to find out what happens when you put E15 in your tank.

We run a bit long. Why not, while you listen, take a few minutes to cruise through some of the sponsor sites? You need a hat, or an oil change kit, possibly a new MINI or maybe an stylish iPhone 4 wrap to keep the back of your iPhone safe and scratch free. Or, you could check out one very cool slot car track.

Woofcast 355:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 57:52 | 26.5MB

2 replies on “Woofcast #355”

  1. Hey – how about some love for Iowa here? We are finally getting a MINI dealer (MINI of Des Moines) here by the end of the year.

    And, uh, yeah, there are a lot of hog confinements along I-35, true. And they smell, that is true, too.

    So we won’t see the WRR gang at the dealer opening, I take it?

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