Woofcast #356

This ranking among the shortest regular episodes we have ever produced. With how many long shows we’ve had lately, we are just fresh out of long. Still, lots of WRR goodness for you in the shape of a bit of news from Motoringfile, a little bit of Ask Chad and I remind you to, um, lock your stuff up.

Also, this is a new month, that means a new Outmotoring code. And if you are looking for more of that stylish MINI luggage, give Colin a ring at MINI of Ontario. He’ll get you sorted straight away.

Woofcast 356:

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2 replies on “Woofcast #356”

  1. You guys are the best!!! You gave me such great advice and totally “got” my question and your response was thorough. Many thanks for responding to my question. Love the show.

  2. Great show guys!

    As a fellow TDI driver, here’s a shout out to Michael for standing up to the diesel VW ribbing from the Whiteroof crew. I didn’t hear which model you’ve got, but VW of America officially allows B5 biodiesel in their cars. I’ve successfully run B100 in my 2000 Jetta with no problems. Still wish MINI would bring diesels to the states. Sigh.

    Joan’s Ask Chad question: According to the MINIUSA cofigurator, the black headlights are not available on the JCW models. I don’t understand that at all; it seems to me that they would make a great JCW exclusive. However, they are optional on the Cooper and MCS with Xenon headlights and white turn signals. Black headlights are included with the White Silver package available on the Clubman, but can be ordered separately. I don’t know what wheels she likes, but wheel choices for the JCW cars are limited because of the tight clearance around the front brakes. Good points were made about the engine differences between the MCS and JCW. My personal recommendation, based upon my own purchase decision-making process (which is happening right now): Go for the MCS specced with the lights and wheels (and whatever else) you like, and then add the JCW bits you want at the VPC or dealer. The only obvious things you won’t be able to order are the black seats with red piping, the dark gray gauge faces, and the red roof/mirror caps. The seats (and maybe gauges) could be gotten through the parts department, though they’d be pretty dear, and I bet Todd could do you some red vinyl for the roof and mirror caps . . . Which I’ve kinda been thinking about myself. So how ’bout it Todd – Red roof and mirror caps, can that be done? What would be a ballpark cost?

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