Woofcast #360

News from MotoringFile like always, some Ask Chad, we all want one of those above for Christmas and we talk about cop cars. Just your normal MINI Cooper Podcast! And, if you are looking for the Official MINI YouTube Channel, you can find it here. More than a few great videos there to keep you distracted as long as you need!

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Woofcast 360:

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5 replies on “Woofcast #360”

  1. I’m with Chad — I thought it was a girl in the commercial, too. Not until you guys pointed it out did I realize it was a ‘dude’, as you put it.

  2. A few things…

    Regarding the Schnitzer MINI E police car comments, there is a domestic alternative to the Crown Vic & Dodge Charger – Chevy’s Caprice PPV. Chevy introduced the rear wheel drive PPV at Autobahn Country Club this past November; check out Autobahn’s Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/autobahn_cc/sets/72157625413301942/.

    Regarding Chad’s solution to my frozen windows, I tried lube on the window seal and so far so good. And Chad – that guy shoveling snow needs a haircut and some ‘boy’ pants.
    Finally, yes Todd, I did work for Petty Racing for 6 yrs but now work at Autobahn (left AND right turns).

  3. Reflecting on what Todd said about Nav systems becoming commodities in cars. It’s almost true. I’ll go further and say that they will be completely useless and that only platforms such as MINI Connected will prevail. See http://www.waze.com (and tones of other apps) and Carlos Ghosn speaking at LeWeb2010 (http://bit.ly/dKZ5fl and http://bit.ly/f7FPwF). I think I’m gonna to post a follow-up question about this on Quora…

  4. I would like to clarify something said about the “turbo timer” that the R56 is equipped with. It does not pump oil through the turbo as stated by Tod, but coolant. It is activated and monitored by the engine control module. Much like the electric fan it is only activated when certain conditions are met. Like Tod said, probably the best defense against turbo failure is keeping your oil topped off. More frequent oil changes would’nt hurt either.

  5. Following up on Ron D’s comment and Flikr link the Chevy Caprice PPV is also based on the Australian Holden Caprice / Commodore platform; which is the same platform for the pickup / ute – aka the El Camino that DB has been so keen on.

    All the best wishes for the Holiday season and looking forward to much more WRR goodness in 2011. Well done to all the contributors – especially Chad’s suggestion to get a garage.

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