Woofcast #370

A little news, a little Ask Chad and a little gas talk. Put that altogether and you have a fresh batch of Woofcast!

Todd and I kick things off with a bit of news from Motorngfile.com like we like to do. Then, Todd and Chad bring us home with a few Ask Chad. As a special bonus for you, we talk a little about the price of gas **and** the weather. We weren’t able to get Gabe on this week, but if you want to hear about his Munich trip, check out the latest Bimmercast to hear all about it.

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 24.8MB | 54:07

One reply on “Woofcast #370”

  1. Listened to #370, #369 and #368 between yesterday and today. Too busy working but it feels good to enjoy the show again!

    Talking about dealers’ websites, I wonder why European MINI sites suck so much compare to miniusa.com??! The UK or French configurators don’t even work with a Mac…

    As usual, you guys do a great job!

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