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  1. Gas was $1.45/ltr in the Vancouver BC area last week for regular. $1.59 for the good stuff.

    If I might comment on your discussion regarding AM radio. My radio played static if I was near high tension overhead electrical wires. I haven’t had the issue with charging my phone. Switching to a shorty antenna cleaned up the signal. AM radio is still used today because the signals carry the furthest. If you are driving in the mountains, there is a good chance you can pick up a signal where there would be no FM signal. Just an alternative reason there may be an issue.

  2. Thanks Beken!

    The reason why AM works where FM doesn’t is because of the antenna and the wavelenght. FM is like light and works best line of site.

    AM has a longer wavelength. And for every 1 foot of antenna above ground there is another 2-5 feet of antenna underground. Crazy, I know.

  3. Hey hello from Australia!

    I was listening to WRR 378 – and just wanted to point out that since the R56, Australian Minis have the tach above the steering wheel, just like everywhere else. You are quite correct about the speedo above the steering wheel on the R50/R53.

    A small trivia point I realise.

    Keep up the great work – looking forward to show 400 and beyond.

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