Woofcast #40

The big 4-O and we finally get voicemail! Leave a message at (206)33-WHITE. Keep in mind the um and ah filter will be in full effect. Todd and Gabe commiserate about having use runflats on S-Lites, Robert in Canada is now a full fledged correspondant under the White Roof, More GP talk, some updates and db gets lost. Plus, the latest news from Motoringfile

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Todd did the hard part

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7 replies on “Woofcast #40”

  1. Nebraskans doing Happy dance for sure. Think I’ll go to Lincoln to go shopping at the MALL.

  2. Actually, we have TWO malls! For the curious, Lincoln is right around 250,000 people and is home to not only the University of Nebraska, but four other good-sized colleges as well. The native Nebraskan is brought up on a healthy diet of Runza and Cornhusker football. During football season this place goes stark raving crazy on Saturdays. On gameday the stadium actually has a higher population than anywhere else in the state excluding Lincoln and Omaha, and the Huskers have some rediculous consecutive sell-out record of like 200 games or something. (I’m not from here originally, so my Husker interest is marginal)

    Lincoln is also home to the Empyrean Brewery, the very impressive state capitol building, a very active local art scene, and surprisingly about a dozen advertising agencies and design shops.

    There is also a nice little population of MINIs. I see at least one or two a day when I’m out and about. However, it’s a solid three hour drive from here to Baron MINI down in KC (the closest dealer), so the idea of having a dealer in Omaha is plenty to get excited over.

    Anybody want to start a motoring club? Is there one already?

    NS in NE

  3. Go big red!

    I tried to start a local motoring club years ago, but the other people I was trying to join up with were so disinterested in it that I gave up. Perchance some day.

    Dang, I want a Runza.

  4. You know, I’ve been here for 6 years and have never had a Runza.

    There are a lot more MINI’s now, maybe we could get a club together combining Lincoln and Omaha.

  5. This isn’t a comment about this podcast specifically, but all of them in general. Is there any way you can turn up the volume of the original mp3 file? I listen on an Ipod with a factory adaptor, factory HK headunit, but I’m in a cabrio. When the top is down on the freeway, I can’t really hear the show. Music playing from my Ipod seems to be loud enough, but I have trouble hearing your show. I set the equilizer in Itunes to spoken word, but it didn’t seem to help.

  6. As a prospective MINI owner, I am thrilled with the possibility of MINInext. My MINI purchase is still a few years off (yes, I am patient), but I am excited with the possibility of getting a MINI from a dealer under this program with a 50K+ warranty. Thanks for re-releasing this information.

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