Woofcast #419

Nathaniel signs up for AMVIV, Chad wishes for the MINI Electric Scooter and Todd put his name on his list for the next GP. Sounds like a great show to us! Add in news from MotoringFile and some Ask Chad and, as the kids say, boom!

You did hear correctly. White Roof Radio and MotoringFile have been invited to MINI United! In typical style, we will be bringing you complete coverage of the entire event so stay tuned. And, if you are planning on going, let us know in the comments!

**Ask Chad** – Clutch Issues, Power Steering issues and the definitive WRR recommended break-in procedures.

Woofcast 419:

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5 replies on “Woofcast #419”

  1. Thanks for the discussion guys. I was trying to also lead you into a discussion/debate of what to do at a stop light and what is best for a clutch.

    In gear/clutch depressed? Out of gear/ clutch not depressed? Here’s another one, when stopping, downshift to save brakes but use clutch, potentially affecting it negatively? Just use brakes and replace them more often?

    Anyhow, you guys rock. Keep up the great work and see some of you at the Dragon.


    Prime MINIster, PhillyMINI

    1. Joe –

      I’ve heard Chad say before on the show that he doesn’t recommend keeping your foot on the clutch at stoplights. This is probably because the throw-out bearing keeps spinning while the vehicle is stationary.

      I have previously heard the same advice from mechanics who work on old British cars (Land Rovers, MGs, Morris Minors, etc). On some of those old British cars, the throw-out bearing was a phenolic or fiber bearing, which would heat up and wear quickly when the clutch was kept pressed down. Don’t know what the new MINI clutches use for throw-out (also called “clutch release”) bearings, but either way I don’t think you want to replace it prematurely – it amounts to a clutch job and means removing the transmission. Which means $$$ (or €€€).

      For the same reason, I personally prefer to use the brakes for normal slowing of the car, as they’re a lot easier and cheaper to replace than the clutch.

  2. Thanks for answering my questions during this week’s show. That was awesome. I was surprised to hear that you actually need to check your oil even when you pick a brand new car…I’ll have to add that to my to-do list (although the people at Otto’s are going to think I’m some kind of weirdo). I just have one follow-up question. To thank Chad I’d like to order the MINI oil kit, but since I can’t change the oil myself (live in a condo and can’t do it down the street…) I’ll have it done at a gas station. How do you think these guys are likely to react when I ask them to use my own oil and filter instead of theirs?

    1. Alexandre –

      I have done exactly that with my car, and the shop I used actually knocked a few bucks off the bill because I provided the materials. It helped that I brought in the factory-branded parts; they may not have been so accommodating if I’d handed them “no-name” stuff.

  3. I have been meaning to let you know, CravenSpeed has a Futsal team, not fooseball.


    We do have a new bubble hockey table in the warehouse, which is awesome and like fooseball, but that is not what was keeping me busy on Thursday nights. Looking forward to being on the the line with you guys for next week’s show.

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