Woofcast #421

On time and under budget, just the way we like it! News from Motoringfile.com like we like to do followed by another epic Ask Chad session! And a few updates to goings on around the MINI Event space. Good stuff abounds, check it out!

Speaking of Ask Chad, we have a few questions still in the queue but should be getting those answered during the next few shows. Keep those questions coming in. Same with the comments and feed back, we get it all!

Woofcast 421:

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3 replies on “Woofcast #421”

  1. HK Amp in an R52 is under the passenger seat, for all of you out there having to replace it. Don’t need to remove the seat! Put the top down, disconnect the battery, just in case, After you remove the 4 seat bolts just lean the seat up toward the windshield, remove the 18 frigin’ screws that hold the plate and amp in place, unhook the amp, replace the amp, 18 f’n screws, drop the seat back down, replace the 4 Torx bolts, connect the battery. Done and done. No need to disconnect any of the seat/air bag/seat heater wiring. $2-400 used, $1000 new and 45 minutes, I’ve got a jammin’ HK again.

  2. Hi Just listened to the show. As usual good show.
    I have a airbag light that came on a few weeks ago. A few years back MINI USA mailed me a sticker to put in my Service and Warranty Booklet that reads. “This MINI is subject to extended warranty coverage (10 years/150000 miles, whichever occurs first), uncertain problems with an underseat electrical connection for the side wire bag/restraint system warning lamp. Contact your authorized MINI dealer for details.”
    Both MINI USA and my local dealer say they have never heard of this and the car is not covered. Have any of you seen this?
    this is very frustrating.

    1. That’s crazy! You should ask them, nicely, to double check their bulletins. If its a newer dealer, they might have to search a bit.

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