Woofcast #432

Another rousing episode of White Roof Radio mostly revolving around the photo above. Good stuff, you should like it! If you are looking for Ask Chad, we ran late this so we did it as a stand-alone episode that you can download when you like. And, for the record, Nathaniel likes the Countryman. here’s proof.

Woofcast 432:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 29.8MB | 1:03:17 | Show Notes

4 replies on “Woofcast #432”

  1. Hey guys, gotta say, I like the start/stop toggle. As long as there’s no fob to mess with all you gotta do is get in, put your hand on the gear shift and the button/toggle is right there…
    As for the window buttons, I don’t care if they’re on the door or the center console as long as they’re easy to reach (e.g. NOT like in the 1 series)

  2. I thought I’d share my opinion on the moving of the window controls.
    While I really enjoy the novelty of having the controls in the center stack, I have had the frustration many times where I get a large drink in a drive through, and then can’t put up the window without removing the drink first, and then two minutes later I find out that the seats are heating up because of the cup bumping those controls.

    So, if they can increase the usability of these controls without losing the fun character of the interior that’s going to be great.

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