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  1. Hey guys – you know how you mentioned that a MINI that is sold as demo has its warranty begin when the dealer put it in service? Just to counter that, my experience at MINI of Peabody in Boston isn’t that way – I bought a 2008-November build Clubman S, in Dec of 2009 (!!) with 340ish miles (!!!) as a “demo car” deal, about $3000 off. The warranty in-service date is shown as being exactly the day I took delivery of it. I’m looking at the DAVIS printout I snagged from the dealer, with the “New Vehicle Warranty Info” ending exactly four years after purchase, December 2013. I think my car was more of the sat-on-the-lot-for-people-to-look-at, and I think they said something about the manager using it here and there…

    I must say I also have another show question; re NAM vs MA, perhaps you could elaborate on this on another show? Nothing mean, just giving information to your US listeners… I am/was on NAM since it appeared to reach the larger audience, that’s all…

  2. Thanks for stopping by Eddie! Appreciate the clarification and the update.

    Re: NAM vs MA, from my point of view, NAM has just gotten mean and nasty over the years, making it completely useless. If you go to ask a question or join a discussion with low post counts or because it’s something that was previously discussed, you get treated worse than a redheaded step child.

    Also from my point of view, both NAM and MA are useless (I have spoken to Nathan about this previously). VBulletin has one of the worst search features ever created, the navigation horrible and finding settings is overly complicated. I’m a smart guy, but message boards give me a serious twitch.

    Thanks for listening Eddie!

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