Woofcast #464

Runnin’ old school tonight! Just Todd and I bringing you news from MotoringFile.com, including the new fog lights and maybe just a very small amount of GP talk.

We even tackled a few of the _easy_ Ask Chad questions. For those of you that are rocking the 1st gen R50/R53 and have the airbag light, this was an extended recall issue that was supposed to be covered for 10 years/150,000 miles. More details about that can be found here.

Woofcast 464:

We got a **huge** update from OutMotoring last week about 2 brand new websites that you **need** to check out, especially if you want to pull a trailer behind your MINI. The first is MINI do More, which sells a really nice hitch (among other things) and the other is TowMINI.com, which actually sells the trailers! Not the teardrop style trailers that you are used to seeing, no sir. These are pop-up traveler trailers that are tall enough to stand in! Go, check ’em out!

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  1. A couple of comments about this week’s show:

    The leather dash and Recaro seats in the GP aren’t quite the same as the ones you can order on the production cars. The JCW dash has alcantara with dark stitching, while the GP has leather with red stitching. The GP also has red stitching on the Recaro seats; the optional Recaros in the production cars have dark stitching.

    And about the leather vs leatherette discussion: If you push a fingertip (a GENTLE poke) against leather upholstery, it’ll form wrinkles or creases; plastic/vinyl/leatherette won’t do that. The “leather” seats in most cars, MINIs included, have leather on the faces that you touch, and matching vinyl on the sides and back.

    Thanks for another great show!

  2. I listened to this episode right after ordering my first MINI today. Thanks for everything in doing WRR! I’m thrilled to no longer be enjoying it vicariously.

    And thanks for your thoughts on leather/ette (I went with the cloth).

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