Woofcast #466

Short on news this week, yet long on show. For some background, take a look at Nathaniels post at MotoringFile. Sure, last week you were all tl;dr, but this week you can find the time to read it. Good stuff that we think all y’all are going to like. We also spend quite a bit of time expounding on the appification of cars. Start here for some background.

MOtD is over and we are seeing the photos and it looks like everyone had a great time! I’m hearing there were a ton of MINIs there too! Hopefully we can get Chad on for the next show to give us the low down. Oh, and it will be **live**! Remember, we start shortly after 9:00 PM Central time. Subscribe via email in the sidebar or follow us at Facebook or Twitter for those reminders.

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Woofcast 466:

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4 replies on “Woofcast #466”

  1. So…living in Indianapolis I decided to checkout the Be Miles Ahead track day at the IMS. It looks like they only offer the automatic JCW for the drivers. Still a great deal when you look at the price, but very disappointed that they aren’t offering a manual.

    1. Thanks for the tip Tony! Sad that they only offer the auto, but sadly it makes sense.

  2. “If you’re buying a used Boxer, then you just graduated to
    the square toe shoe and Bluetooth headset” – DB

    I love the talk about Connected. As an owner of a MINI with Connected, and a web developer, it sparked some ideas. I am already in the process of making my own OBD2 reader for an old BMW I recently bought (1996 318ti, the worst BMW in all of human history). With an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, you can get a lot of the cars information easily, and display it on the iPhone screen. The hard part is going to be getting that information onto the Connected screen. Once you get that figured out, then the sky is the limit. Just start taking requests really.

    1. Will be super exciting if they can appify MINI Connected. My only concern is that it will take to long to get there and by the time it does happen, we will be communicating via mental telepathy. 🙂

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